Shepherd Trace Subdivision

Phone Scam Arrest Threat - Received from Skip Skinner

Co-op residents have received calls from a man claining to be with the Sheriff's department.  The suspect advised them they missed jury duty and, therefore, had warrants out for their arrest.  He advised them to pay him with Green Dot Money Cards from Randall's or an officer would come to their homes and arrest them.  The suspect had one of the complainants cell phone number.  None of the residents fell for the scam.  Constables called the phone number the suspect called from and he answered "Sheriff's Department".  Constables tried to put together a sting operation to meet the suspect.  The suspect was likely using a throw away phone and later gave a recording that it was disconnected.  Residents from Heathlake, Southbriar and Ashford were contacted.  One complainant was a victim of another scam when the suspect put what sounded like a relative on the phone and asked for bail money.

"Neighbors Looking Out For Neighbors"

Posted by rhaith on 04/07/2014
Last updated on 08/25/2014
Houston, Texas 77077